Why Choose Progressive Integrated Healthcare:

  • Advanced Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT): Our clinic specializes in progressive Medication-Assisted Treatment, employing the latest medications to help ease the challenges of withdrawal and reduce cravings. Dr. Curtis Adams tailors these treatments to your individual needs.
  • Integrated Care Philosophy: We believe in treating the whole person. Our integrated care philosophy combines medical interventions with psychological support and lifestyle adjustments, ensuring that every aspect of your recovery is addressed with precision and care.
  • Expert Guidance from Dr. Curtis Adams: At the helm of Progressive Integrated Healthcare is Dr. Curtis Adams, a seasoned professional in addiction medicine. Dr. Adams provides expert guidance and a personalized touch to your treatment plan, fostering an environment of trust and confidence.
  • Compassionate and Understanding Team: Our dedicated team understands the challenges you face on the road to recovery. We approach every patient with empathy, creating a safe space for open communication and collaboration.

Take the First Step Towards a Progressive Tomorrow:

Reclaim control over your life by taking the first step towards recovery. Schedule a confidential consultation with Dr. Curtis Adams at Progressive Integrated Healthcare. Your personalized path to healing awaits.

At Progressive Integrated Healthcare, we're not just treating addiction; we're empowering you to embrace a drug-free future.

Progressive Integrated Healthcare: Your Gateway to Recovery.

We welcome the chance to serve you.

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