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Physical Exams

Progressive Integrated Healthcare of Dallas takes a uniquely integrated approach to healthcare. Dr. Adams is qualified to offer both holistic and medical healthcare services to improve your overall health and stave off preventable diseases. One way he does this is through regular physical examinations.

Having an annual physical exam is the best way to detect problems early. It is recommended that every person have a physical exam once a year, even if they are in good health. This is true for people of all ages, but it is especially important for seniors age 50 and older. As a family nurse practitioner, Dr. Adams is aware that health risks and concerns change over time. He is an experienced medical care provider for patients at all stages of life, and always orders the tests and screenings most appropriate for the patient’s age.

The Purpose of Physical Exams

A thorough physical exam gives the healthcare provider a sense of the patient’s overall health and fitness. Some conditions, such as hypothyroidism, have physical symptoms that are visible during an exam. Other conditions have no obvious symptoms, so physical exams also involve bloodwork to check for several ‘silent’ diseases like diabetes and high cholesterol.

Physical exams also give Dr. Adams the opportunity to evaluate your muscular strength, flexibility, and pain level. As a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine, he is uniquely qualified to take the findings of a physical exam and use them to craft a care plan involving not only medication, but complementary physiotherapy as well. With his ability to come at a problem from both a medical and a holistic perspective, Dr. Adams has guided numerous patients back to health.


The Importance of Physical Exams

Physical exams are a vital part of preventive care and symptom monitoring. They paint an initial picture of your wellbeing and they help your healthcare provider watch for changes over time. They are also blocks of time that are reserved for you and your provider, where you can both focus on improving or maintaining your quality of life. Never be afraid to ask questions or raise concerns during your physical examination.

Physical exams give your healthcare provider the opportunity to:

  • Detect and treat diseases at an early stage
  • Update your vaccinations and medical history
  • Monitor your weight, blood levels and vital signs
  • Listen to your concerns with undivided attention
  • Make recommendations about your diet and lifestyle

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What to Expect During a Physical Exam

Before your exam begins, the doctor or a nurse will measure your height and weight and ask you a series of questions about your medical history. This important basic knowledge is taken into consideration when coming up with a treatment plan. It involves things like surgeries you’ve had, medications you are taking, allergies, lifestyle, and your family’s history of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

A doctor typically starts each exam by checking your body for suspicious marks, growths, or swelling. They will ask you to lie down as they feel your abdomen for tenderness or fluid retention. Then they will ask you to sit up so that they can listen to your lungs, heart, and digestive system using a stethoscope. The doctor might also tap on different areas of your body to check for fluid and get a sense of the size and location of your organs. They will check your eyes, ears and throat.

Your provider will also check your blood pressure and pulse. If any irregularities are found, they could perform more tests or order bloodwork to investigate. Routine bloodwork includes blood glucose and cholesterol screenings.

If you have any questions or concerns about any facet of your health, bring them up during your physical exam. A symptom that seems small to you could be the sign of something bigger, so it’s best to let your healthcare professional know about it as soon as possible. Our team is always happy to answer any questions and explain any tests or procedures recommended for you.


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