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There is no need to live in pain.  Progressive Integrated Healthcare can help.  Many people try to manage pain on their own.  Dr. Adams has the experience and expertise to properly diagnose and treat back pain, neck pain, and knee pain, as well as headaches, migraines, and trigger points.

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Dr. Curtis Adams and his team at Progressive Integrated Healthcare are paving the way in restoring good health to patients who have previously suffered from pain.  Dr. Adams uses both advanced and traditional treatment solutions to improve each patient’s quality of life.  “It is more than a mission,” says Dr. Adams.  “It is my passion

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Treatments for Auto Accident Pain

Along with how scary they are, auto accidents are a debilitating experience. Not only do they take so much time and energy, but their symptoms are inherently inescapable. While some injuries are clear, many injuries resulting from a car accident seem invisible at first. 

Chiropractic Adjustments

Dr. Adams has established himself as a top chiropractor in Dallas. What sets him apart is the fact that he’s also a Family Nurse Practitioner, which allows him to provide innovative treatments that integrate the holistic techniques of a chiropractor along with family medicine services. 

Worker's Comp.

Dr. Adams and his clinic at Progressive Integrated Healthcare of Dallas provides injured workers with comprehensive Worker’s Compensation evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation services. They are patient focused and can help with the complex legal requirements associated with a Worker’s Compensation claim.

best Chiropractor in Dallas, TXbest Chiropractor in Dallas, TX

Knee & Joint Pain

Joints are the connections between bones in different parts of the body that provide important support for your body. At PIH, Dr. Curtis will work with you to help keep your joints work correctly. 

Family Medecine

Dr. Curtis Adams, Family Nurse Practitioner, and his clinic at Progressive Integrated Healthcare of Dallas provides family medicine services to promote your overall health and longevity. 

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Physical Exams

PIH in Dallas takes a uniquely integrated approach to healthcare. Dr. Adams is qualified to offer both holistic and medical care services to improve your overall health and stave off preventable diseases.

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“Normally recovery is a tedious and painful process. Through mastery of their craft and positivity, Dr. Adams and his staff made the whole ordeal enjoyable. His knowledge and expertise are second to none and I constantly felt that he genuinely cared for my well being.”
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